Meg has been working as an overnight pet sitter for Playful Paw Pet Care Services for several years.  She is currently employed full time in the financial industry, but an earlier career found her as a vet tech, and she's always loved all things furry!


Playful Paw Pet Care Services is a small, hard-working pet care business based in Maple Grove, MN, and servicing the Twin Cities metro area.  The last five years have been a culmination of a dream for Karen - combining her love of all things "pet" with the desire to provide a service to bring joy and healthy play into pets' lives, while helping to make the lives of their owners less stressful.  Long- and short-term customized care for all pets  -- dog care, cat care, dog walking, cat and dog sitting, pet taxi service, supply pick-up and delivery, litter box service and more -- we offer our clients the full package.

Karen Kuehn

Karen Kuehn, owner

When Mary was a child, she was the neighborhood pet sitter when any of the neighbors were out of town.  She cared for all of their pets (dogs, cats, birds, fish and more).  Her family had dogs and other pets of their own as well.


Currently, Mary shares her home with two beloved dogs and an elderly turtle. Throughout the years, Mary and her family have had fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds and two very independent cats, all of whom felt like they had it made!


Since joining the staff of Playful Paw Pet Care Services, Mary has found this position to be the most rewarding and fulfilling position she has ever had.  She treats all of the pets she cares for like her own pet children.


Mary says, "I truly care for your pets and am here to play with them, support them through training, and just love them when you cannot be home.  I have found a true enjoyment to add to my life."



Karen once dreamed of becoming a veterinarian when she was in junior high - for about 3 days, until she realized all the science classes she'd have to take.  So she just began adopting pets, like Casey, a neighborhood beagle who chose to spend his time in Karen's yard instead of his own, because the grass was softer and people like Karen actually paid attention to him.  Then came Willabee, who adopted her, by climbing onto the garage roof and meowing through her bedroom window at night, until she let him in.  It was the start of a 13-year relationship.  The story goes on...but you'll have to ask her, because there's not enough room to write it here!

Karen is a 20+-year resident of Maple Grove, MN.  She spent 12 years as a junior high teacher in the community, over 7 years working for several churches in the Twin Cities metro, and 8-plus years as a store manager for a local coffee shop.  Now she has found something less stressful that will allow her to enjoy the great outdoors - dog care and walking -  and provide contact with some of the best "people" on the planet - pets!  She is a caring and nurturing person with the softest of soft spots for any four-legged friend, from puppies and kittens to elderly, special-needs dogs and cats.


Karen is the driving force - owner, marketer, financial consultant, dog walker, cat entertainer, and all around caregiver - for Playful Paw Pet Care Services.

Pet Visitor

Pet Visitor/Sitter


Maribeth has lots of work experience, from working for corporations (office work, assembly work), being self-employed as an interior painter, as well as working for various painting companies.


Growing up, Maribeth and her family had dogs.  She never thought she was a cat person until a friend was in a position where she couldn't keep hers and asked Maribeth to take it.  She lived with a roommate who also had a cat, and found out that they make wonderful pets.  Now she has two of her own, as well as a dog.


She recently found herself thinking it was time to do something she really enjoyed, and, ironically, Karen was looking for a new employee at the same time/ Karen asked Maribeth to fill the position.  She has found her niche, and couldn't be happier!

“We're a growing dog care, dog walking , cat sitting, and pet business, serving the Twin Cities north and west metro area. We look forward to meeting you and your pet(s) and helping you customize a plan to keep them healthy and happy!  We'd love to hear from you- - give us a call!​"  -- 612.308.8954

Pet Visitor
Pet Sitter

Jodi has been on the  Playful Paw Pet Care Services staff since  2015.  A 10-year resident of Maple Grove, she is primarily a stay-at-home mom, and loves that she can work with our clients and their pets while her children are in school.


She has owned many pets throughout her life, including cats, several hamsters, both saltwater and freshwater fish (currently her family includes several puppy-like goldfish as long as her hand), a parakeet, and an Albino African Three-Clawed frog.


She has been a caretaker for many neighborhood dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, a white rat and a boa constrictor. Added to that, she's a lover of horses too!


Jodi - a nurturer by nature - loves each and every pet that she meets, They seem to sense that, which allows her to bond with them quickly.


She is grateful to have the opportunity to work with so many amazing animal friends on a daily basis, and looks forward to meeting many more.




Pet Sitter


Cherril is the newest overnight pet sitter for Playful Paw Pet Care Services.  She works full time, but with experience as both a cat and dog owner, she can't think of a better way to spend extra time than chilling with furry pets!

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